Experiencing Upper Back, Neck or Shoulder Pain?

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Upper back and shoulder pain are a common combinative occurrence. People may experience extreme upper back pain between the shoulders, or upper back pain under the right shoulder bladeor the left side. Because this type of pain involves the shoulders also, it can be very disturbing as one might find it difficult to freely use the arms over the head or other positions. Pain in the upper back shoulder arearequires proper diagnosis and treatment. If not diagnosed and treated at the right time, the pain can become more intense.

 upper back pain

Reasons for Upper Back and Shoulder Pain  

There are many muscles and joints that make up and connect the upper back and shoulders. Any condition of imbalance in even one or two of these joints can cause pain. Though spine joints are the main affected areas, motional disturbances in the collar bone, ribs, or shoulder blades can also cause pain.

All usual activities in a day involving the arms and shoulders engage the use of muscles of the upper back. The upper back muscles serve to keep the head fixed on the shoulders and offer balance and support. Any malfunction or an out of balance condition in these mechanisms can cause upper back pain and shoulder pain, and this might sometimes spread across the neck too.

It is also important to note that pelvic imbalances affect not only the lower back, but also the upper back. This is because the pelvis and lower back are attached to the upper back.

Treatments for Upper Back and Shoulder Pain

Once the correct reason behind the pain has been diagnosed, the pain can be corrected by exercises and stretches or other methods depending on the intensity. Anti inflammatory medications, visualization and relaxation techniques, and even herbal remedies are commonly prescribed. It is most important to remember that the correct diagnosis for the causes behind the pain is the first step in the treatment.


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